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Wed, 5 Aug 2015 00:00:00

When you are shopping for a security camera system, you may get confused between the two main types – wired and wireless cameras. What are the main differences between the two, and which ones should you pay more attention to? With this article we post we aim to answer the most basic questions for anybody in the market for a security cameras installation. Once you understand the basic differences you should be able to pick the type of security camera that suits your needs.


First lest take a look at a wired system. Each of these cameras locations requires a cable to be connected to the main system. If you find the sight of multiple wires dangling on your walls to lower the value of your property and drive you insane, then you should find a good installation company that does not over charge and have them professionally installed them. The typical price for a one story 1500sqft home is $90 per camera to cover labor only. Although wired systems are also susceptible to meddling and tampering by anybody that locates a power source for the cameras these are by far the most stable as wireless systems sometimes suddenly stop working without any warning.


A wireless security system needs very little wiring and thus spares your walls from being perforated and flooring from any drilling. However any wireless camera needs to get power from somewhere so there will be some wiring to get the wireless camera a consistent power source. Battery operated wireless cameras exists but if your not the type of person that wants to purchase a system and not have to worry about changing batteries every few weeks then a wired system will be ideal for you. I recently purchased a DCS-2136L wireless camera from BestBuy. At night I could not see a anything beyond 4 feet when pointed inside my house. Then I we installed the camera inside looking through a window hoping that we can gain basic surveillance on our vehicles outside but the infra red light bounced right of the window and made it impossible to make out what was happening outside. Below is a picture of what the camera could see looking through a window looked.

The next issue we encountered was the wireless camera is not completely wireless. I had to find an electrical outlet near the camera so I found myself having to conceal a power cable regardless. Unfortunately the short power cable that comes with the camera means you’ll probably need an extension cord if you’ll be poking holes in plasterboard too far up the wall. We then tested the performance of the camera during daytime hours for reliability. Not one month into the process we discovered the wireless D-link camera suddenly became unresponsive an required a reboot. Again the following month the wireless camera required to reboot as it became suddenly disconnected and not visible over my cell phone. D-link’s support service said that I should install a battery back up for the camera. This is no problem when you have only one camera in stalled but could you imagine having to install battery backups that are $69 at BestBuy at each camera location through out your home. By the way most security installers charge about that much per camera installation and you can have a reliable cable installed that will not get disconnected suddenly from your network. After testing wireless cameras I’m still convinced that wired cameras are the way to go if the property you are protecting can not afford to have a wireless outage. We provide security cameras installation quotes and sales in Miami Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach areas. We have several vendors that provide security cameras installation in your area. Below is a sample picture quality from the our basic security cameras installation.


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