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Thu, 27 Sep 2018 00:00:00

To setup the NVR online, you can easily do it with the Mobile APP. First got to your store app on your phonee and download GuardViewer, once you download the app click on signup

After you click sign up, enter your email  or customer email. The system will send an email with a verifaction code for you to enter. 

Click on next and the sytem will give you a screen to enter a password and agree to the terms and condition. 

After you done, you can do go the NVR and go to Network > P2P and scan the QR code. To scan the QR Code go to the click on the 3 Bar Icon on the top left and click on device, click on  add.

Click on Scan and scan the bar code on the screen of the NVR. 


Once all this is done, give it a few minutes and the NVR will setup itself online for easy acccess from other devices. To add the device to other devices, justt login with the same email and password and the system will automatically setup the devices to the phone or tablet. 

If  you have a second device just scan the device with the same account and it will populate to other devices isntanlty. 


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