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Thu, 12 Jan 2017 00:00:00

Intelligent Video Sofware (IVS) are build in our DVR that allows you to have:

  • Face Detection
  • Intrusion detection
  • Tripwire/Line Crossing
  • People Counting 
  • Scene Change/Missing Item


Face Detection

The system capture faces and allows you to search by face so you can do a playback of the video. This is great for cash registers, entry and exit of a property, locate a person at at time and event the location where they were in the building.

Intrusion Detection

If an object entering or leaving the area, it will trigger rule when crossing the area perimeter, support enter, leave and enter&leave three direction selection, it can activate record, snapshot and alarm according to the judgment result.

Application Scene: It is similar to warning line. It needs to leave some space for target movement outside the perimeter if it is to detect enter and leave event; It can only be applied to the scene where the target is sparse and there is rarely any covering between the targets, such as the perimeter without any guard. It will trigger alarm when the target is entering or leaving the area.

Tripwire/Line Crossing

Trip wire counts the item crossing and line in either direction or both. If an object crosses the line it can set of an alarm, record, snapshot or warn the user.

People Counting

It is to make statistics of enter and leave people in the specific area of the image, and finally it comes out the statistics data, providing kinds of data reports such as day report, month report and year report. There are two ways to present: line chart and bar chart, providing data exporting function.

Scene Change/Missing Item

The intelligence base will compare the images before and after being covered or turned to judge if there is any similarity; if not it will generate an alarm.

People Counting

System can keep track on how many poeple come in and out of a property and give stats of the results daily or by date range


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