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Wed, 5 Aug 2015 00:00:00

Consider a Security Camera System for your Home, and have decided to invest in your family’s safety by installing in a CCTV system, your next big question is how many cameras to buy, and where to locate them to optimize their benefits.

Let’s talk about the outside of your house. For a moment, think like a burglar, and scan the outside of your house to see if there are any doors or windows in obscure places, or hidden by a small wall or bush that could serve as a hiding place. If you do find a spot, or more, that fit this description, this is the first place you will want your new surveillance system to protect.

Next, you will want to go for the obvious; front door, back door, garage door. You will be surprised to learn that 34% of burglars come in the front door, add this to the 22% that come in the back door, and you’ll find it pretty obvious that these are the most important surveillance cameras you need installed. Garages, off street windows and basement stairs are other of the burglars favorite entrances to your home.

Lastly, if you park your car outside, or have expensive machinery or toys in your backyard you will want to have a camera dedicated to watching them.

Once you have chosen the location of your cameras, think about technology and installation. Depending on how well lighted the area is, and how big of an area you want to cover, there are different camera technologies to choose from.

Let us help you make the best choice for your needs and budget. Contact us by filling out our online form, or call us at 855-889-8808 weekdays between 9AM and 6PM EST.


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